13 to 24 Months


Toddlers require fun and educational activities, in an environment that fosters language, social, emotional and cognitive growth and development. Our teachers encourage children to explore, discover, invent and experiment while they gain an understanding of the world around them. Creating opportunities for individual and group activities, while integrating a caring and nurturing environment for your rapidly growing toddler is our goal and commitment. Our enriched curriculum gives each child a variety of experiences in language development, imaginative play, music, art, sensory and physical development.


Kinder Kastle’s toddlers are given many opportunities throughout the day to explore. Areas of play are designed to encourage the children to use a variety of materials and learning equipment to initiate curiosity and language development. As the toddlers are busy exploring their new environments, their caregivers are there to provide a balanced schedule full of fun and learning in a nurturing, safe and comfortable environment.

Cognitive Skills

Toddlers are constantly acquiring information from their surroundings. Our teachers establish the growth of cognitive skills by encouraging children to explore through our enriched curriculum and using various resources such as reading books, symbolic & dramatic play, sensory and open ended activities.

Language Development

Toddlers begin to acknowledge the meaning of their words to express their wants and needs. They soon begin to imitate others, follow simple instructions and expand their vocabulary. Our teachers help with the recognition of common items using simple flashcards, and will encourage repetition and participation. We also practice good mannerisms by using “please and thank you’s” throughout the day.

Social & Emotional Skills

Toddlers begin to develop social and emotional skills by acquiring trust, acknowledging their surroundings and expressing their emotions. At Kinder Kastle our teachers give each child the ability to establish relationships and to control their feelings. We encourage each Toddler to help others, clean up and take turns.

Fine Motor Skills

Toddlers small hand muscles are constantly developing, so our teachers encourage the use of fine motor skills throughout the day. The Toddlers will soon begin to use large crayons for coloring, and painting with appropriate paintbrushes. They will also begin to use a spoon to feed themselves and also practice washing their hands.

Gross Motor Skills

Toddlers large muscles are used more frequently as they grow and develop. Our teachers have creative ways to help develop their large muscles by practicing throwing and catching, climbing into their chairs and sitting properly, jumping and spinning, and running around, all of which is practiced on our age appropriate playgrounds and classrooms!

A Day in Our Kingdom: Toddler Class


"Let's get ready for a fun day!"

Tabletop Toys/Diaper Changing

"We will build with blocks and get our diapers changed."

Morning Snack

"We will listen to music as we have our snack and milk."

Outdoor Fun

"Let's blow bubbles outside!"


"Time to get creative!"

Circle Time

"Let's sing our ABCs!"

Lunch Time

"We love to eat on our own."

Quiet Time

"We will rest and become rejuvenated for a busy afternoon."

Wake Up/ Diaper Changing

"Time to wake up and get our diapers changed."

My favorite part of Kinder Kastle is that every staff member knows my child's name. Kinder Kastle is truly a community, where the teachers and staff work together to provide a nurturing environment for all the children.

Jennifer M.

Twos parent

The teachers and staff are always so attentive to my child's needs!

Rachel B.

Toddler parent

My favorite part of Kinder Kastle is the people: the staff, the owners, the parents! I love the environment they've created--so warm and welcoming!

Margaret W.

Infant parent

The teachers and staff are kind and friendly. Each student is greeted by teachers and staff upon entering and exiting. This builds the children's confidence and acknowledges the kids' importance.

Jeanette J.

Kindergarten parent

The teachers and staff at Kinder Kastle are kind and provide so many learning opportunities for children.

Barbara G.

Pre-k parent

The school is safe and secure and most importantly, my daughter loves it!"

Meghan P.

Preschool Parent

The teachers and staff are always so attentive to my child's needs!

Rachel B.

Toddler parent